I was born in March of 1962 in a New England town of Norwood Massachusetts.  In 1985, I relocated to San Diego to pursue my California dreams of Surfing and Opening a Resturaunt. 

I am a self-taught artist that works primarily in a modern abstract style using colors, textures, depths and movement which creates art that seems loose yet has structure and balance. 

Having always been ecologically and environmentally conscious , I prefer producing art using recycled, repurposed and reclaimed paints along with wood and other various materials. 

I find that art really challenges my creativity and the abstract medium allows for a bold and free spirited expression. 

I often notice people see a variety of things in my art and I enjoy listening to them as they narrate their storytelling while gazing at the paintings on the wall. 

Lighting and room placement plays a pivotal role for my art. It exposes the various depth and underlying textures. The compelling reasons for this is to have the art come alive. 

Years ago I decided that I would not sign the front of my art. By doing this it allows the owner to rotate the art both vertically and horizontally. Most of my paintings are balanced so that it can be rotated in that manner. 

I am also able to produce many paintings at one time because I’m a bit compulsive and waiting for paint to dry is frustrating. In a perfect world I work on dozens of paintings simultaneously. 

I have been producing art for about 25 years and have shown in various small galleries. I’m self-represented and have sold my art both nationally and internationally in seven different countries and in nearly all 50 states. I’ve won various art competitions and I’ve been invited to be a live artist at music festivals and venues.  I’ve also had the honor to have many articles published portraying my art.

Rich “ART” Walker

Enjoy Life 

Be Creative 

Laugh Often